Advice from professor

According to internship supervisor Ptof.Virginia Borges Kistmannit, it was also considered that the final work could be improved under the following topics:

1."The formal conception can be improved changing the seating area making either a contrast to the whole body or to follow the same line, to minimize the contrast, as the present form hasn’t a good link to the other parts;

2.The color white model was considered good for the proposal, otherwise we have o technical data to assume this;

3.The technical data should be presented in the document: plans, views, perspectives, simulation of use, measures, weight, transportation conditions, materials etc;

4.In terms of use, the mirror area could be improved to a 2,40 to 3,20 ms to give a better view from the public;

5.A platform should be construct to hide a support for the face area, with a bigger area in contact to the ground;

6.The face could be a little bigger at the side, to give a better view in the mirror area;

7.The passage from the seating area to the face, should be larger."